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Guide to the memorandum and articles of association

It is mandatory for each company in the UK to have the memorandum and articles of association. It must be submitted to Companies House while registering the business. The memorandum and articles of association consist of two major documents – the Memorandum of Association and The articles of Association. The Memorandum of Association This is […]

How to change shareholder information in the company

Every private company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder during its incorporation at Companies House. Company can have as many shareholders in the company as they wish. However, you should inform Companies House regarding any occurred changes of shareholders number or their details on your next annual confirmation statement at Companies House. […]

UK Business Registration for Non-UK Residents

If you are a non-UK resident, the process of company formation is no different than that for a UK resident. The process is equally simple and affordable for everyone. No matter where you live, the legal requirements and documents for the company incorporation are same for everyone. A business can be formed by anyone in […]

A Useful Guide to Company Formation Services

The process of registration a limited company with Companies House is known as company formation. This process is also called company incorporation. When you register a business with Companies House, it becomes a legal entity. Incorporated companies have no links with their owners in case of contractual agreements, liabilities, finances, and ownership of assets and […]

Online company formation guide

If you want to know what the online procedure for forming a company is, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at how you can do the same in just a simple five-step process. 1. Choose a company name first This is the first step of creating a company online. You […]

Can I change a Company name?

The name of the company can be changed any time post incorporation. The process typically takes a few hours depending on Companies House time for approval. The directors can give their votes to change the name without needing members’ approval (only valid in cases where directors are given this power in the article of association). […]

Incorporate Limited Company

A private limited company is a type of small business structure/entity which is held privately. This type of business limits the liabilities of its owners to their shares restricts trade of shares, limits shareholders number, and more. Most of the businessmen prefer to take direct help from Google how to incorporate their business rather than […]

Set up A Private Limited Company

Set up A Private Limited Company Registering a private limited company is more complicated and expensive than setting up an enterprise as a sole trader. But, choosing to set up a private limited company provides great protection than being a sole trader which is why most people prefer to set up their business as an […]

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