If you are a non-UK resident, the process of company formation is no different than that for a UK resident. The process is equally simple and affordable for everyone. No matter where you live, the legal requirements and documents for the company incorporation are same for everyone. A business can be formed by anyone in the UK and by those who are overseas. Basically, there are three ways to incorporate a private limited company in the UK. They are:

  • Online through Companies House Web Incorporation Service
  • Online with the help of a company formation agent
  • Manually via paper application submitted to Companies House

Using online services of a company formation agent is the easiest and quickest and also cheapest way to incorporate a business in the UK. As everything is done online, it takes only three to six hours for the registration process to finish. It is a straightforward procedure. No need to talk to anyone on the phone, no need to visit the UK, or post/sign any document in person. If you want, you can submit all the paperwork electronically and can build online signature to authorize the incorporation process.

Requirements for registering a business in the UK for non-residents:

  • You will need to register your business with Companies House in England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland
  • Must have at least one director
  • Minimum one shareholder
  • One person can be a shareholder and can be a director
  • Number of issued shares: can be one share value of £1
  • The company must have a registered office address (official business address) in the UK

No upper limit for the total number of issued shares and the number of shareholders and directors and it can be more than one.

Shareholders and directors:

  • The business must have minimum 1 natural person /individual appointed as the director
  • The shareholders and directors of the company can be non-residents of UK. It is not mandatory to appoint only UK residents as directors and shareholders.

What you should know about the UK registered company?

  • The company must be registered under the Companies Act 2006
  • Must have a unique company name
  • Incorporated office should be the official registered address of the business in the UK (displayed on public records, all the business mails are delivered to this address by HMRC and Companies House)
  • Directors who are non-UK residents should perform all the responsibilities and duties as UK based directors.
  • The details of the business are placed on public records (which include information about shareholders, directors, PSC – person of significant control, secretary)
  • Each shareholder, director, PSC, secretary must submit a service address for Companies House. This address is used to deliver mail from HMRC and Companies House regarding business and can be situated anywhere in the world.

ZDK Formation Limited provides excellent company formation services in the UK. Also we can help to appoint a nominee director who is a UK resident and who will act on your behalf. This will ease the process of opening a business bank account for your new incorporated company.

If you are a non-UK resident and if you are interested in incorporating a business in the UK, please let us know and we will make this process as easy as possible. No need to travel to the UK. No need to show documents. No need to prove anything. You can form your business from anywhere in the world online.