Business Bank Account Service

We offer The Business Bank Account service for our international clients, so we can help with opening a UK bank account.

Price £800

Service features

 One of the options for non residents is to appoint a nominee director who is a UK resident and this person will work with banks as a primary director.

If you appoint one of our employees as a director of your company, he/she will operate on behalf of your company here in the UK. You will need to sign a contract with us and he/she will need to meet with you and discuss the nature of your business.

Then nominee director will open a bank account and be an authorized person on the account.

All the transactions will have to be legal – no money laundering. You will have the right to check your balance and see the statements. We can send statements via email. Everything will be written in the contract.

The price for The Business Bank Account service is £800.

The price includes:
1. talking over the phone with bank representatives, acting on behalf of your company.
2. multiple trips to the bank.
3. opening the account and online banking.

Once the account is opened one of our managers will act as one of the authorized signatories on the account for your company and will conduct all the transactions on the account on behalf of the owners if needed. The bank account will have the dual signatory operation; all transactions will be approved by the nominee director and by the beneficial owner.

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