Annual Return / Confirmation Statement

A requirement for all limited companies

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What it is
The confirmation statement (aka Annual Return), is a requirement for all Limited Companies to file every year. It provides Companies House with a snapshot of information about the company and its directors. The first annual return is due by the first anniversary date of the company’s formation.

How to File your Confirmation Statement
• Order our Confirmation Statement service
• We will send you a list of information we require about the company, the share transactions, and the directors
• Send us back the list of information
• We will do the rest electronically and it will be submitted instantly to Companies House

What information is required on an Annual Return / Confirmation Statement?
• Company Name
• Company registration number
• Company type
• Company registered address
• Principal business activities
• Company Secretary details
• Company director details
• Confirmation date
• Details on the issued share capital
• Shareholder details
• Whether or not the company has traded during the past year

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