Every private company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder during its incorporation at Companies House. Company can have as many shareholders in the company as they wish. However, you should inform Companies House regarding any occurred changes of shareholders number or their details on your next annual confirmation statement at Companies House.

Your confirmation statement must have all the details of newly joined and left members in your next annual return statement. Make sure all the information of your members is accurate every time you submit it.

How Many Shares Can a Company Shareholder have

Each shareholder must have at least one share. You can decide yourself how many shares to issues – there is no wrong or right number. When you set up your own company, you can issue just one share and own 100% of all your business. It means you will be a single-handed owner of your company and you will have all profit. Ultimately, you will be entitled to all debts as well.

If you are looking to expand your company and want to add on new partners in the future, you must issue more than one share while registering your company. This will help you to sell some of your shares in the future instead of issuing new shares. Try to issue 50 or 100 shares by doing this you get the straight forward percentage of ownership represented by each share. So you can sell more shares to more people.

Always keep in mind that the number and value of issued shares determines the liability of the owners. As a result, when you issue 75 shares with a price £1 per share, you will be accountable to pay £75 towards company debts till you sell your shares to new shareholders of your company. If you plan to issue a high quantity, your liability will increase accordingly and you will be responsible to pay the total nominal value in case the company becomes bankrupt.

In addition to this, removal of shareholder procedure is not complicated. You just need to understand few important steps that will be given in our following section.

Removing of Company Shareholders

If any of the shareholders of your company wishes to leave your company at any moment, you will have to sell or transfer his or her stocks to someone else. The director of the company will be accountable for updating the information of new and left members at Companies House and in the statutory register of members.

The director can update the information of the remaining shareholders and all share’s transfers in Companies House during submission of the next annual confirmation statement. The Director can fill up the confirmation statement online using Companies House portal.

Along with the information of remaining shareholders, the new shareholders information is also very important to keep updated at Companies House.

Updating Shareholders’ Details at Companies House

The complete information of each shareholder is important to be updated at the Companies House. It must include full names of members, detailed address of shareholders. All this information is made part of the public records. A new person who joins the company after the foundation needs to provide only his or her full name along with details of their holdings.

In case, shareholder’s name changes or number of shares he holds changes, or he leaves a firm, or another shareholder enters the company – all changes need to be submitted to the Companies House with the next confirmation statement. The director or the secretary is responsible to update the information of shareholders at Companies House.