A private limited company is a type of small business structure/entity which is held privately. This type of business limits the liabilities of its owners to their shares restricts trade of shares, limits shareholders number, and more. Most of the businessmen prefer to take direct help from Google how to incorporate their business rather than taking help from professionals or other sources. They search the process of incorporating a limited company and its benefits on the internet.

But, as you can see whenever you search something on Google a wide list of results appears on your screen. Similar in this case, a range of blogs are available over the internet which describes the full procedure to incorporate a limited company. Sometimes too much information makes it complicated to understand the process. We have described the full details to incorporate a limited company, it will help you to understand the process and start your own business.

Starting a new company is a simple and straightforward process when you work with a professional incorporation agent. There are so many websites offering the same services but most of them will not meet your expectations. Incorporating a private limited company is not difficult or confusing if you find the best support. Whether you are a big firm willing to open a branch in the UK or a small company willing to start a new business in the UK, with the assistance of a legal and professional formation service, nothing is impossible.

  1. For incorporating a limited company, you will need:
  • One Director
  • One Secretary
  • One Shareholder
  • One Person of Significant control

Most of the time a director, a secretary and a shareholder are the same person in a new small limited company.

  1. The name of the company you select should be officially approved by the Companies House.
  2. Get Digital Signature Certificate for officially nominated directors (at least one director should have DSC)
  3. Proposed directors of the company must have Directors Identification Number
  4. Overseas investment allowed
  5. Status of company owners doesn’t influence business flow

The process of registering a company as a private limited company:

  1. Company name must be approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  2. Preparation of company registration and constitutional papers
  3. Getting DIN and DSC for the proposed directors
  4. Incorporation of the business
  5. Filing Articles and Memorandum of association
  6. Registering for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number
  7. Submission of the required documents and fee at Companies House on-time

A private limited company incorporation means it is a legally independent entity (has distinct assets than company owners) and will continue even after the death of its owner. To incorporate a private limited company successfully, you need the assistance of a professional formation agent with years of experience.  Looking for a formation company to start your own private limited business in the UK?

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