What is National Insurance?

National Insurance is basically a tax which is paid by the citizens of a country on their earnings & self-employed income. Paying these tax means you are contributing to state benefits like the maternity allowances and state pension. These benefits you get vary according to your role in the society, whether:

  • you’re self-employed
  • employed
  • or a voluntary contributor

In this article, you will find the complete introduction to national insurance and several benefits associated with it if you submit it successfully.

Overview of National Insurance

National Insurance is a plan under which people with employment have to pay for the benefits they make. The tax you pay is known as National Insurance contributions. You have to pay these taxes only if you meet the national insurance conditions. This scheme is administered by HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). A person is qualified for the national insurance contributions if he/she meets these conditions:

  • 16 years or above
  • One who is earning £155 weekly
  • Self-employed person and making a profit of £5,965 yearly

There are different types of National Insurance available in the society. The type of national insurance you pay depends on your employment status and the total amount of money you earn.

National Insurance Number

To pay national insurance contributions or to claim your benefits, a person must require having a national insurance number. Every person has a unique national insurance number. It helps you keep a track on your contributions and the benefits. The number is a combination of 3 letters and 6 numbers, in which first two characters are letters, next 6 are digits and 1 letter in the last. For example, SS 234567 D.

Legally, you don’t have the right to a national insurance number, but if you start work, you can apply for one to claim your benefits. Your national insurance number is very confidential, don’t let anyone else make use of it.

How to get your national insurance number?

There are two types of person who are eligible to apply for national insurance number one is people of age 16 or above or people who have started working.

  1. If you are UK citizen and your parent entitled child benefits for you, you will get a national insurance number automatically when you turn to 16. If you don’t get your number, dial 0300 200 3502, and talk to national insurance registration staff for help.
  2. In case, if you don’t have a national insurance number and you have started working, you are eligible to apply for your number. To apply, call on 0345 600 0643 and register successfully.

How to identify your national insurance number?

If you have a national insurance number but you are not sure that it is correct or not, you can check it on:

  • Tax returns
  • Payment slips
  • P 60 form (tax deducted from your total earnings at the end of the year)

You are eligible to apply for a national insurance number if you don’t have one or in case you’ve lost the previous one. It is clear that limit of national insurance contributions depends on your employment position and total earning & profits.