So first of all I had a long way to find out what I want from life and what I can do to make life good and easy! As we all do I studied 10 year at school, then I entered University and graduated with my diploma magna cum laude from the faculty of Economics and Business. I was also attending during this time another faculty Interpreter of English language. I was young and did not really know anything about life. My parents always said that without a degree it is hard to find a job. So after all together 15 years of studying I still was not sure if I am qualified enough so I entered another college and spent another 2 years there. And now I have an MBA too.

But then I realized that I don’t want to go to work every day and make money for my bosses instead of trying to make my dream come true. But what was my dream?

Do I want to be economist? Do I want to be an interpreter? Do I want to be a businesswoman? Hmmmm…

Do I want to bake cakes? Do I want to play a leading role in the movie? Do I want to be a dietician?

Do I want to be a personal trainer?

All those questions I was contemplating every day while I was struggling to figure out what I want. What do I want to do in life?

During this time I went to a few courses and classes. I was training, dieting, baking cakes, acting…

And everything was so exciting and new to me! But still I was not ready to open my own business.

And then I decided to create a company which can help people to find a perfect pet for their children or for themselves. Is not it a great idea to be a link between breeders and people who are looking for a pet – a little ball of happiness?

First I needed to register my business with Companies House and I started to look for a good trustworthy website to open my business with Companies House. I found ZDK Formations and sent a quick email with all of my questions. They replied in no time and provided all the information that I was looking for. I picked the Executive package because I needed printed copies of my documents and completed copies of my Minutes from First Board Meeting and Company Register. They actually did all the work and I was very happy how easily and quickly I became the owner of my own business! I received all my paperwork in less than 5 days and I was ready to work in my dream world!

And then I started to develop the website and work on the client base, but it is a totally different story, which I tell you in the next post.

Grace Winfree

Owner of “Cats and Twinkles Limited”