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Do I Need a Registered Address for my Company?

In the UK, every registered company needs to have a well-registered address. The address that you register should be permanent. It is because all the official paperwork, letters, and reminders by the organizations like Companies House and HMRC are delivered to the same address.

The registered address of the company must be the best location to send all the necessary documents to your company, directors, and shareholders. If you have multiple addresses to work from, select the one where you believe all the urgent emails will be dealt with effectively, efficiently, and quickly. Don’t give the address of your warehouse, a place which remains close for long, is not staffed every day, or where an important email can remain unopened for many days. Also, Company’s Registered Address must also be written on the invoices and letterheads of the company.

Can I Use a PO Box?

In simple words: NO. At Companies House, the registered address of the company is displayed on the Public Registrar. The address you register should be a location where all the sensitive mails and documents which need to be signed can be delivered properly. That’s why you cannot use a PO Box for your registered company address. Also, you need to specify the registration number of the company at your premises. And, without any doubt, it cannot be possible with a PO Box.

While dealing with the annual accounts of your company, as a company owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are replying to all HRMC notifications immediately within time. Irresponsible behavior can result in heavy penalties and fines. A mail going to a PO Box can be forgotten, especially during busy schedules. So, using a PO Box for receiving your documents is not a good option.

What if I need to change the Registered Office Address?

If you are moving from the current position and need to update your registered address, you can download the application form AD01 from the official website of Companies House. Once filled, you can return the form to Companies House for further processing. To return the completed form, you can either post it or send online via the WebFiling system of the Companies House. You will not be charged for making any changes in the existing address of the company. And it normally takes two working days for your form to be processed. In case of changes in the address of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), you would need an LL AD01 form.

Some company owners plan to move on a regular basis after a short interval of time. This is due to the fast growth in the business where larger buildings will be needed every time, or a new amalgamation takes place. In such cases, it can be simpler and easier to register companies’ address via a management company or a registered company service provider, which can provide an impressive address to register under in the UK.

The main reason for having a well consistent address of a company is that the mails from Companies House and HMRC can be delivered timely and then forwarded to a normal postal address. This can also add extra layers of security to your business even if you move premises a lot. It will also assure that all important mails will be delivered to your registered address always, and neglect the risk of losing the track or any kind of delay regarding posts.

Displaying your Registered Company Address

Being a registered firm, you must use some sort of signage displaying your business name at your company’s registered address. In case if you are running a business from your own home, you don’t need to show the registered address of your company. But, you need to present your registered address at any other place from where you are running a business. For example, if you are running an office or shop which is not located at your own home, you have to display your registered address at both businesses.

While choosing a sign or plate to display your registered address, remember the writing should be easy to understand. And place that plate at a position from where it is visible to all, every time, not only in your office hours. Make sure the signage should not be covered with anything like blinds, plants, shutters, etc.

Company Stationery

Displaying company’s registered address on its website has become legally crucial since the Companies Act 2006. While crafting the stationary of your company such as letterheads, order forms, invoices, and website layout, make sure to add the information given below:

  • Registered number of your company
  • Company’s registered address
  • Location where company is located, i.e. Scotland or Northern Ireland or England and Wales
  • Name of company’s directors (only, if you want to add)
  • Also, add that your company is limited (‘Ltd’ or ‘Limited’)

Keep in mind, in the UK; it has become a legal condition for each and every business to having a registered company address. But, at the same time, also remember, the trading address of a company cannot be same as the company’s registered address.

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