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Nominee Director Service

We offer a nominee director service for our clients who are non UK residents and are willing to register a company with Companies House 


For our clients who are UK residents and wish to maintain their confidentiality.

Nominee director service fee is £1800 per year.

Under company law, when incorporating a limited company there must be at least one director and shareholder.
The nominee director will be listed on the official records, and will officially have control of your company. Also, we will provide a general power of attorney document, which will hand control to the beneficiary owner of the company.
Nominee Director is an authorized representative of ZDK Formations Limited and authorized to work as a “Registered Agent”.
Before we appoint our nominee director, both sides will have to sing the Nominee director Agreement.
We will provide the indemnity letter in which it says that your company is under entire control of the beneficiary owner and not the nominee director, and that the beneficiary owner has full legal responsibility for the new company.
The declaration of beneficiary owner document shows who the real owner of the company is and it says the nominee director is for official records purpose only.
Nominee director has no influence over the day to day running of the company. Person with significant control is the beneficiary owner and the person who holds the general power of attorney.
Nominee Director will have these responsibilities:

  1. Nominee Director will be elected as a Director of your company and will act in such capacity only under the express written instructions of beneficial owner and will at all times act in the best interests of beneficial owner.
  2. Nominee director will not call Board meetings or act in any manner as a director of your company other than with the express written instructions of beneficial owner. This will be paid to Nominee Director separately.
  3. Nominee Director may not pledge or sell or assign or in any way impair the assets of your company without the express written instructions of beneficial owner.
  4. Beneficial owner may request Nominee Director to act as a signatory on bank account(s) of your company and at all times Nominee Director will only act in such capacity under the express written instructions of beneficial owner. Nominee Director will only cause transfers or disbursements or any other debit from such account(s) to be made under the express written instructions of beneficial owner. This will be paid to Nominee Director separately.
  5. Beneficial owner will not request Nominee Director to act in any way contrary to the laws of England and Wales or any jurisdiction in which your company may operate. And Nominee Director will not be held liable for any wrongdoing by beneficial owner or your company.
  6. Nominee Director will resign his position of Director within 7 days of receiving a request in writing to do so by beneficial owner.
  7. Should Nominee Director cease to be a Director of your company he will assign this agreement to another Director of your company with the prior written consent of beneficial owner.

All prices are subject to VAT 20%.

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